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Birth Spiral Counseling

Diverse couples and families who are on a birthing path have specialized needs in couples counseling.

Pregnancy and birth can present intense physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transitions for individuals within a relationship. Counseling support during this juicy time can help strengthen your supportive relationship bonds as you grow into this new phase of your lives together and work with the myriad of unknowns to come. Feeling more secure in your relationships reduces stress - and supports our ability to really drop down into the primal transformative magic of the birth process. 


In addition to complication-free pregnancies at home or at a hospital, I have experience supporting couples and families with pregnancy stressors, such as infertility challenges, psychological and physical pregnancy and birth trauma, and pregnancy loss (intentional and unintentional). I am also available for postpartum relationship support counseling.    

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Couples & Birth Spiral Counseling: About Therapy
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