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Come Home to Yourself

Transformative Therapy for Individuals and Relationships

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It was always you. You are the library where you should lose yourself. The book you should read. The language you should learn. The place you should voyage. The discovery you should make. All the world's wonder is a song. The notes and the singer are you.

—Jaiya John

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How are you relating? 

The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives - Esther Perel

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have

- Robert Holden

Whether you're coming in as an individual or a couple, therapy is a great way to slow down and get a clearer view into what really drives the helpful (and not so helpful) patterns in our relationships so we can get out of auto-pilot and show up in our lives with more authenticity.

Many of my clients arrive with a simple wish for more connectedness within their lives. Some are feeling stuck in old patterns of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Some find themselves overwhelmed by destructive impulses or perhaps they have a hard time getting or staying close to loved ones. Others are finding that their peace-keeping tendencies are making it difficult to create and maintain boundaries. And still others are facing a transition in their lives which has the potential to redefine who they thought they were. This is all rich material to bring to therapy.


The kinds of issues we might explore together include anxiety, depression, emotion regulation and communication challenges, substance abuse and recovery, grief and loss, co-dependency and other attachment issues, pregnancy, birth, and parenting, as well as acute or complex trauma.


How we work together depends on what resonates best for you, but the tools I employ most often include mindfulness and somatic awareness, parts-work, behavioral therapies, and attachment theory. 

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